Elite Dating Advice: What Role Does Status Play In A Relationship?

In all walks of life, we’ve only got a few seconds to make a good first impression. But even if we step over that hurdle, how does our status affect our chances of finding that special someone? Let an elite dating agency like the Bowes-Lyon Partnership shed some light…

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As much as we pretend it doesn’t, status does play a role in dating. And at the Bowes-Lyon Partnership, we’re not afraid to stress that we only accept membership requests from people who meet certain criteria.

Take work for instance. Most of us spend more time at work and alongside work colleagues than we do with our friends and families. A person’s choice of career therefore represents more than just how they pay their bills. It’s a representation and reflection of themselves. A symbol of how they value themselves and others. While you shouldn’t make your mind up about a date based on their job alone, it’s vitally important and indicative of whether you’ll get along.

Someone’s status and professional acumen can reveal much about their personality, ambition, education and outlook on life. And it’s incredibly exciting to think that someone who thinks along the same lines as you could be waiting for you.

Only accepting successful career people as members is our ethos then. A direction that’s based on logic. We offer a unique, bespoke and elite dating service to busy, accomplished professionals. We strive to find like-minded individuals and, as such, we need to make sure we have members who value life in a certain way and have a specific need for elite dating advice. Research shows that people who enjoy their career and have had a degree of success are more confident… and attractive.

It’s natural for people to have a wide range of interests, beliefs, lifestyles and goals for the future. And sure, we might need a few dates to pinpoint the exact characteristics that you’re looking for in someone. But you’ll be able to tell pretty quickly that our dating experts are good at what they do.

So if you want to avoid jarring conversations, superficial outlooks and misaligned goals, you’re going to want to steer clear of online dating sites and traditional dating methods. There’s simply too much left to chance with those options. Instead, an elite dating service that’s tailored to your specific needs is much more likely to prove successful.

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