Don’t Wait Around For Love This Christmas

One of the most famous writers and poets of all time once said: “When you really want love, you will find it waiting for you.” Wise as his words are, Oscar Wilde’s sentiment may not sound too appealing for those anticipating a long Christmas season attending parties surrounded by couples; in fact, his optimistic ideal may be derided by those who have spent many years ready for love and commitment only to be met with disappointment each time. The idea of waiting around for true love may be considered admirable and romantic by some, but in the fast-paced world of today, why wait? Exclusive introduction agencies such as Bowes-Lyon Partnership are now on hand to help those who don’t want to rely on fate and chance to find their partner.

Many of Oscar Wilde’s quotes sound like good advice to follow, but the pressures of Christmas can add an extra element of impatience to those seeking someone to share the festive season with. The season of goodwill can become the season of ill-will for anyone attending parties alone but there is an alternative to waiting with gritted teeth. Bowes-Lyon Partnership uses a unique combination of science (the exclusive Bowes-Lyon Index) and matchmaking intuition in order so clients don’t have to endure a lonely Christmas. An initial consultation in an informal environment helps an expert member of the team get to know each client individually before they can get to work on discovering a perfect match.

Pairing refined and successful men and women with similar values and complementing personalities is a specialty of the team at Bowes-Lyon Partnership, and in not adhering to Oscar Wilde’s famous advice, they have incredible levels of success at bringing like-minded people together. In a world where we can now use technology and enlist professionals to help introduce us to a broader spectrum of people, there should never be the need to spend a Christmas alone waiting for a chance encounter under the mistletoe.

Though Oscar Wilde may have been one of the most prevalent and revered writers of his time, one of his contemporaries, Alfred Lord Tennyson, had ideas about love which may resonate more with the message of Bowes-Lyon Partnership: “Life is short but love is long.” Indeed, life is short, and this discreet dating service offers a unique alternative to sitting back and hoping to stumble across love’s path.

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