Don’t Leave it to Fate Like Prague’s ‘Love Train’

Don’t Leave it to Fate Like Prague’s ‘Love Train’

The public transport system in Prague, Czech Republic, has come up with a unique solution to help single people to connect every day. The ‘love train’ is a carriage attached to an underground tube train where the only people allowed to travel are all single. After the morning rush hour, the Czech capital’s main transport system will contain a carriage that is specifically for single people. The plans are to be put forward to the public to gauge the response to the idea, and the service could be up and running by 2013.

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Currently, there are no plans in Britain to introduce a singles-only train carriage to the underground tube system. Luckily for those busy individuals who are looking for love, elite introduction agencies like Bowes-Lyon Partnership are around to match up compatible dates without having to go round and round the Circle line waiting for a soulmate to board, and without having to go to Prague solely to step into a singles carriage and wait for a potential partner.

Bowes-Lyon Partnerships is a professional dating agency based in London, specialising in matching potential couples through their unique Bowes-Lyon Index, combined with a twist of traditional matchmaking instinct. Rather than hoping that fate will step in and miraculously throw together two perfect matches in an everyday situation, like on the ‘love train’ in Prague, many people prefer to take matters into their own hands. Joining an elite agency like Bowes-Lyon Partnership gets some of the best matchmakers in the business on side and opens up an exclusive portfolio of eligible, relationship ready, elite singles who are ready to commit to a long-term relationship.

Though the idea of bumping into a soulmate on a crowded train, a shopping mall, an urban park or a quaint town library is often conveyed as romantic in movies and TV shows, the chances of this happening are slim. Those who wait around this type of romantic situation will often find themselves waiting a very long time to find someone who is relationship ready and suitable for them. Bowes-Lyon Partnership’s clients are savvy enough to realise that narrowing the field and getting expert assistance in the matchmaking process is one of the most effective ways to find a great relationship match.

Those who are members of Bowes-Lyon Partnership are also offered guarantees that the matches presented to them are handpicked, rather than presented by fate or chance. The expert team at the professional introduction agency have many years of experience in choosing matches based on their interpretation of client’s needs and wishes. Having a discerning eye cast over a match often results in a much more successful relationship than simply bumping into someone on a tram.

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