Do You Know the Values Of Honesty In Dating?

A recent survey revealed that age and income are the two most unhelpful aspects of a conventional dating profile. Not because these aren’t factors that many consider to be important but because so many daters admit to shaving years off their age and adding pounds to their salary in a bid to seem more attractive to the opposite sex.

HonestyOther things often exaggerated by those using online dating websites include weight and height, long lists of hobbies that the user has never tried and even profile pictures. Similarly, those with high-calibre, high-powered jobs, who may not feel the need to lie about their circumstances, often find themselves inundated by singles attracted to the trappings of wealth and lifestyle. It can be hard to cut through the untruths and discover what a person is really like without enduring a series of disappointing dates. The need to impress in the ultra competitive online environment, where people are judged on a basic photo and a short introduction, often creates a sense of pressure that forces people into exaggerating or editing their vital statistics – and no good relationship was ever built on a foundation of lies. Cue Bowes-Lyon Partnership, an elite, discreet service that tackles the serious business of meeting someone new with a sophisticated personal touch.

Founded by sisters Hayley and Natalie Bystram, Bowes-Lyon Partnership was borne of a vision to bring accomplished individuals together in committed relationships. A foremost introduction agency, Bowes-Lyon Partnership has stuck resolutely to the beliefs that dating should be effortless and enjoyable, that the perfect partner to share life’s adventures does exist and that honesty is the best policy. The London-based agency puts a uniquely modern spin on a traditional matchmaking service with trusted guidance and strategic savvy partnered with a flair for the romantic.

It is an alternative to impersonal online dating or rushed speed dating, injecting warmth and realism by shunning line-up style profiles which users can peruse and decline at will. Eschewing the quick fix internet dating approach, the team of matchmaking experts at Bowes-Lyon spend time getting to know each client. An informal chat over coffee or brunch helps to establish true relationship values, dating backgrounds, aspirations and goals in a friendly, relaxed and social environment. It is this commitment to learning what makes each person tick that underpins matches that last.
Natalie Bystram says, “Despite championing old fashioned values, we pride ourselves on our modern approach, believing personal service is the key to our success. We invite all of our clients to take the first step in finding their ideal partner with a complimentary chat over coffee. This informal getting-to-know-you meeting takes place at either our Belgravia offices or at a location convenient to the client, allowing for complete discretion and confidence. It gives new members time to relax and ask questions, while allowing us to understand each individual’s own requirements.”

Taking the art of finding a partner back to basics, there are no attention-grabbing introductions to be written, no trawling through photos of other members and wondering how accurate the photo is, and no pressure. Rather than modelling itself on the dating agency prototype of making as many matches as possible, Bowes-Lyon Partnership is an exclusive introduction service, providing a personal and empathetic approach to those wanting to give Cupid a little extra help in the prospective love interest department. An introduction is only made if the seasoned matchmakers believe that the two clients will get along. This knack for matching is backed by the exclusive Bowes-Lyon Index, created specifically to find partners superbly suited to one another and based on honest assessments by the team.

Bowes-Lyon Partnership also understands that discretion in dating is essential; nobody wants to see their vital statistics splashed across a website like an advertisement. Hayley Bystram says, “An introduction is not about ticking boxes and fulfilling aims; privacy is guaranteed. Photos are only swapped between members if both clients have agreed, and both must agree to be in contact before they are fully introduced. Filling web space and adding to members lists is not on the agenda, because our membership network is exclusive. Those who are members are verified as being ‘relationship ready’, and all potential matches are eligible, accomplished single people who want to find serious relationships in an honest and sincere way.”

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