Do Political Views Matter To A Serious Relationship?

Do Political Views Matter To A Serious Relationship?


Do Political Views Matter To A Serious Relationship?New research in the US has found that listing political preferences on dating sites can cause potential suitors to consciously or unconsciously filter out those with different political views to themselves. Disregarding the mantra that ‘opposites attract’, many people are seeking out a partner who has similar political views to themselves, especially if they consider themselves as someone especially interested in the political sphere.

The research found that ‘positive mate assortation’, which is the theory that like attracts like and people of the same beliefs will function better as couples, could lead to ‘inadvertent assortation on political preferences’.

Hayley Bystram, Director of elite dating agency Bowes-Lyon Partnership, says, “Political views can mean a lot or a little to two people searching for love, but research in the US has found that those who take an active interest in politics will tend to look for people who have similar political views to themselves as a life partner. Having these aligned viewpoints is very important to some people, who want to be with a like-minded individual who shares their opinions on everything from economics to education.”

Experts have said that the results of the research show a widening ‘ideological gap’ in the United States, as people tend not to mix with those who have different political opinions to them. Sometimes having access to contradictory opinions is crucial to becoming a well-rounded individual, and it is healthy to have mature and enlightening debate about topics that are important to the country. At a time when a fight between the political heavyweights is taking place in Britain, it is important for couples with opposing views to be able to discuss their thoughts and feelings on government policy that may end up affecting them.

Of course, there is also the belief that matching political views will not necessarily guarantee that two people are compatible. Bowes-Lyon Partnership, the exclusive introduction agency, aims to introduce people after getting to know them, rather than simply ticking a political box and assuming that the two people will click. Political opinions could be a drop in the water compared to other compatible factors between two people, and relationships should not be judged on whether the participants are aligned in their political preference. There are a lot of other personality traits and belief systems that people can identify with in the search for a soulmate, and allowing politics to overcome all and dictate who they choose for a life partner would potentially be setting them up for a fall in the future.

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