Divorce Day

At Bowes-Lyon Partnership we work with well educated, accomplished ladies and gentlemen from the ages of late twenties to late sixties.  Some of our members are divorced and find themselves back on the dating scene after perhaps 15 or 20 years of marriage.  They may have a little trepidation about where to look to find their like-minded equal, but they are all positive and proactive about the future and are keen to find the right person to share their life with.

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The 3rd of January is nicknamed by many lawyers as Divorce Day.  It can often be the case that the cracks that were perhaps always there in a relationship are even more apparent after the festive dust settles.  Today marks a significant peak in unloving couples seeking the assistance of divorce lawyers to enable them to embark on new and separate lives in the New Year.

According to Jonathan West, head of matrimonial law at the solicitor Prolegal said: “January typically sees more than double the usual number of divorce inquiries in any given month. The spike is attributed to the strain of spending time together over the holiday or the fact that many spouses wanting to divorce will hang on until after Christmas to avoid upsetting their families at that special time. Too much alcohol and the hangover from office party shenanigans also have their part to play.

So if you are divorced (or know someone who is) and are an accomplished, positive individual who is serious about finding a long term committed partner and feels the time is right, don’t leave meeting your like-minded equal to chance, kick start your New Year by making a positive step to finding your perfect match.  To find out if Bowes-Lyon Partnership can help you, click here.

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