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 The internet and the growth of social media has seen a rapid decline in the level of privacy many people would like to have surrounding their romantic life. Every move is expected to be documented on some form of social network, with friends and family eager to know the latest gossip. Discretion and privacy can be considered something to treasure these days, which is why discretion in dating in such an important aspect of Bowes-Lyon Partnership’s ethos.

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Many conventional dating agencies have issues with their members’ privacy, from security holes where information can be retrieved by non-members, to the fact that many online profiles will linger on the internet long after the user has deserted the site. Photos can be recovered by new imaging software, spoiling confidentiality promises, and companies can often purchase customers’ data in order to sell products online and determine users’ online habits. These worrying facts are ensuring that many are now opting to choose professional elite dating agencies for a safer, more secure and altogether more discrete way to meet a potential match.

The process of being introduced to someone via an exclusive introduction agency can be nerve-wracking for those who have never used such a service before. Therefore it is vital for all clients to be relaxed in the knowledge that discretion and confidentiality is key. Profiles and photographs are not shared in the abrasive way that they are often presented online, nor are they displayed in a portfolio for people to browse. The information and details of all introductions are shared between individuals on a respectful and confidential basis, to ensure privacy is not intruded on. The only reason information is stored by Bowes-Lyon Partnership is to ensure that the most appropriate matches are made, and even in these instances, the emphasis is placed on getting to know their clients personally rather than simply placing details onto charts and matching them up.

It has been proved countless times that relationships under the spotlight often have less chance to blossom properly than those which are conducted in private; celebrity marriages falter under the glare of the media and the subsequent break-up is all the more painful for its high-profile nature. Starting a relationship on these discreet and confidential foundations, with an elite dating agency on hand to assist, can help to build a trusting and committed relationship for both parties involved, where the couple themselves are in charge of what information they share.


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