Did 007 Want a Real Relationship?

Did 007 Want a Real Relationship?


He is the seductive secret agent who has built a reputation for his relationships with some of the most beautiful fictional women ever created, but one author caused a stir this week when he claimed that James Bond was secretly craving monogamy. William Boyd, who has written the latest Bond novel, has made the convincing argument that the spy was not just seeking a casual fling, but rather a more meaningful relationship.Did 007 Want a Real Relationship?

Many have since argued against this statement, preferring to see 007 as the charming and mercurial ladies’ man that he is made out to be in countless novels and films: but could James Bond do his job properly with a doting wife to go home to at the end of it all? Or would he leave MI6 to settle down and have a family?

Hayley Bystram, Director of elite introduction service Bowes-Lyon Partnership, says, “The debate about whether James Bond should become a one-woman-man has been raging this past week after the comments from the new Bond author, and at Bowes-Lyon Partnership we are divided in our opinion. Whilst it would be nice for 007 to have a happy ending, we all agree that the appeal of his character is his enduring capacity to charm the ladies!”

Bond, who with his exclusive career path and elite lifestyle, would almost certainly qualify for Bowes-Lyon Partnership’s professional dating agency and matchmaking services, came close to a happy ending in ‘On Her Majesty’s Secret Service’, when he married Teresa ‘Tracy’ di Vicenzo, but his happiness was short-lived when she was killed on their wedding day.

But who would Bond turn to, if he was searching for a lasting love? Surely not one of his previous conquests, who almost invariably turned out to be throwing in their lot with the movie’s villains. Perhaps his colleague Miss Moneypenny, who is not strictly a ‘Bond girl’, but is someone who understands the agent’s dangerous career intimately and could support him during his home life? The new Miss Moneypenny as revealed at the end of the recent Bond film ‘Skyfall’ is a statuesque beauty with an integral understand of working in the field, so she could perhaps be viewed as Bond’s equal in a marital sense too.

But how would Bond cope when he was sent on a secret assignment and must seduce a beautiful women in order to coax information from her or get close to her associates? Would he even continue to put his life at risk on a daily basis when he was settled, married and happy? Or would his love of England prevail? These questions are all unanswerable for now, but every avid James Bond fan will have their own views on where their favourite secret agent’s heart truly lies.

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