Dating Tips: Your Best Bet To Finding Your Future Soulmate

The great thing about a professional matchmaking service is that you don’t leave things to chance. With a typical dating agency, singles often wonder where’s the best place to meet a potential love match. Let’s look at some typical places and analyse why you’re really rolling the dice if you’re planning on finding love in these venues.

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Your local gym

Okay, so it’s true that if you meet someone at a gym, then you’ve probably got physical exercise in common. But seriously, what are the chances of romance when you’re rubbing shoulders with and you look somewhat dishevelled and sweaty?

Your workplace   

Even if you absolutely loathe your job, the chances are that you will have at least this in common with quite a few others. Statistically, it is well known that office romances usually hit the skids.

Your daily commute

There’s something romantic about the idea of eyes meeting across a crowded train, but let’s be realistic. Nobody really enjoys that regular trudge into the workplace, especially when the public transport is your method of choice. Even if you did go on a date with a fellow commuter, how are you realistically going to know whether they’re like you? Chances are, they won’t be.


A curious choice, but one that’s popular. More than 1 billion people log into their social media accounts on a daily basis, so why shouldn’t you be able to carve a little slice of meaningful interaction on your laptop or tablet? Stats are one thing, but meaningful relationships aren’t created via a keyboard.

So that leaves us with a professional matchmaking agency.

The reality is, your best chance of finding love is by using a dating agency that can offer a tailored, bespoke and highly individual dating service.

Trawling through online profiles takes time and still doesn’t eliminate a lot of chance. Meeting someone during your normal routine at one of the above places could happen, but it’s not likely. And even if it does happen, the chances of compatibility are remote.

Using a dating expert like one of the matchmaking professionals we have at the Bowes-Lyon Partnership can save you a lot of time and effort. You probably live a busy life: save yourself some bother and give yourself the best chance of happiness.

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