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Ever wondered what makes for a great date? The Bowes-Lyon Partnership is an elite dating agency that helps connect professional, likeminded individuals. We offer a bespoke, effective membership – our team of experienced matchmakers personally get to know everything about our members. By joining the Bowes-Lyon Partnership, we’ll get to know what makes you tick and have a better chance of finding you that special someone.

However, your dating consultant is not going to be there with you on any dates! As such, we do have three valuable tips for making sure that you have the right approach to all your dates, and that all your meetings are given the best chance of success.

Be true to yourself

Dating Tips - True to YourselfDon’t try to be someone you’re not. If you don’t like the same films, books or plays, then so be it. As we mentioned here , happy couples may not share identical interests or opinions. A successful relationship will hinge on a couple’s ability to identify and appreciate any differences. After all, we’re all different in some ways and if we were all the same, life would be very boring.

Having said that, measure your real feelings about your date’s interests and values after your meeting. Sometimes we can unintentionally fool ourselves into acting enthusiastically about someone’s hobbies, thoughts and dreams. If this is the case, this enthusiasm is likely to fade over time. It may not be a problem, but it’s perhaps something to consider.

Don’t be too quick to judge

We’ve all been guilty of assessing someone within seconds, whether it’s in a dating scenario or otherwise. But remember that when you’re on a date, both parties are there because they want to be there. Everyone’s allowed to be nervous, and this can sometimes result in choosing the wrong clothes or saying the wrong thing despite the best intentions.

The ability to sit back, see someone’s strong points and appreciate them is actually a great barometer for a relationship. Compatible couples feel a strong sense of harmony and freedom to be themselves, mistakes and all.

Have realistic expectationsDating Tips - Realistic Expectations

Continuing on a related theme, forget about ‘love at first sight’. Neither you, nor your date, need any pressure. Of course that can happen (and if it happens for you, great), but there are no hard and fast rules regarding exactly when two people should fall head over heels.

At the Bowes-Lyon Partnership, we tell our members to try and relax on any dates. Dating should be fun and enjoyable, so forget about reading body language, assessing your date for emotional baggage or reading too much into any one statement that they make. The Bowes-Lyon Partership has arranged your date for a reason. Your date is a likeminded person; we already know that. So take things at a comfortable pace.

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