Dating Tips: The Importance Of Confidence And Positivity

When it comes to dating – and specifically dating through a professional dating agency – there isn’t much of a grey area. Normally, people are either positive about their chances of finding love or they’re not.

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Our clients join us for a reason. Maybe they’re too committed to their careers to have the time to trawl through online dating profiles. Similarly, perhaps they’re also too busy to join new clubs and meet people that way.

But many of our clients come to us because they’ve been unlucky in love and things just haven’t worked out for them.

For those clients, it’s easy to arrive at our door with a negative outlook. And, in lots of cases, quite understandable too. After all, we all grow up and expect to fall in love, get married and build a family. When it goes wrong, we despair.

But a negative outlook is a dangerous thing. What’s more, even if you’re not knowingly negative, some ingrained habits and philosophies that have set in can wreak havoc with your chances of finding that special someone.

Have you ever wondered why things always seem to work out for positive people? It’s because positivity and confidence create opportunities.

As professional dating experts, the dating gurus at the Bowes-Lyon Partnership will all agree that looking on the bright side is crucial if you want to bond with someone new.

No one is saying that you need to be whistling on your way to a date, permanently smiling like a Cheshire cat or laughing at jokes in an over-zealous, slightly maniacal way. That would just be weird.

But perhaps it does mean affirming the good things in your life and accepting yourself for who you are. It means showing gratitude, humility and an ability to laugh at yourself. It means having the confidence to stop trying to be something you’re not and to give yourself a chance to fail. We’ll find you some great matches and, if someone falls for you, you’ll know it’s for real.

Being positive is a skill that takes practice. Train your brain to forget what’s happened in the past – it has no bearing on your future.

Then you’ll be taking the first steps towards establishing a meaningful relationship that’ll make you happy. Fail to be positive and you’re potentially blocking that from happening before you’ve even started.

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