Dating Habits to Avoid

Dating can be considered an emotional minefield at the best of times, with so many things to consider in order to turn a casual date into a committed relationship. As in everyday life, everyone picks up bad habits on the dating scene, and these can be the difference between failure at the first hurdle and finding a soul mate. Here are the top three bad dating habits that people make, and how to avoid them to enjoy successful and enjoyable dating.

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1.      The Balance of Availability

Walking the fine line of being available, but not too available, is a tough one. Many people either fall into the category of being too available, or not available enough. Both of these states can have repercussions for relationships, especially when meeting someone entirely new, through a blind date or through an elite introduction agency. Being too available can make someone seem lonely or desperate, giving the impression that they will cancel any plans for a date or have a boring social life. Likewise, not being available enough can give a bad impression; if someone is constantly cancelling or rearranging dates, or if they are only available to meet at awkward times around their busy schedule, it can make the other person feel as though they are not a priority and put them off entirely. Showing enthusiasm is fine, and rearranging a date every now and then can help to keep someone on their toes, but everything in moderation.

2.      Online Stalking

Everyone has an online profile nowadays, and if their privacy settings are set to public, it can be only too tempting to have a flick through their photos and track down their exes. This minefield is potentially closed to those who meet through exclusive introduction agencies, as all introductions are made without the inclusion of dating profiles or social media, but those who are meeting through mutual friends or conventional dating agencies will often find that they are being drawn to researching their date. This can only have repercussions for the future, and can potentially harm the relationship. As the relationship progresses, all information found on social networks will be freely available for discussion between both parties anyway.

3.      Be ‘Ready’

One of the biggest dating habits that can harm a potential relationship is rushing into a relationship too fast. A recent divorce or a messy break-up can take time to heal, and hurtling back onto the dating scene can be detrimental to the future of a relationship. Visiting a relationship counsellor or a lifestyle guru can help a person to become ‘relationship ready’, and can help to offload past baggage which may be having an effect on current dating habits.


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