Dating During Challenging Circumstances

We hope you are all keeping safe and well, and trying to deal with the current situation in the best way possible. Since last writing a blog, life has changed considerably for everyone and we are all facing unprecedented new challenges with work and life.  Here at Bowes-Lyon Partnership we have had many conversations about how we can move forwards, in the best interests of our members, in light of recent events. If you thought coronovirus would put a stop to dating, you were wrong! Dating App activity is higher than ever and reports show a notable uplift in proper conversation and consistent communication.

At Bowes-Lyon Partnership, we have had new members join us in recent weeks and we are continuing introductions for many of our members. They seem to enjoy the opportunity to chat to someone new, and someone outside of their usual social circles, with whom they can enjoy refreshing and light-hearted conversation. We’re keen to keep people speaking and talking, to alleviate some of the difficult times and challenges ahead. Whilst we are all physically isolating, it doesn’t mean we also have to be socially isolating.

There are many ways to maintain contact with the outside world, and we have a few simple but effective ideas that we are recommending to our members to keep the momentum of communication going. Whilst our focus, here at Bowes-Lyon Partnership, is about romantic relationships, these suggestions relate to both friend and family interaction also

Pick Up the Telephone

Go back-to-basics and pick up the telephone. Phonecalls are the first step that we encourage between our members as part of our introduction process and it is an invaluable one. Have a few conversation starters or questions prepared to keep the flow of conversation going and grab a glass of wine or a cup of tea before you start! In the early stages of conversation, keep things light and easy, and don’t spend hours on the phone. It’s nice to have a good conversation for 20-30 minutes, and to end on a high rather than getting to the point where you run out of things to talk about. Arrange another date in the diary to continue the conversation and enjoy the anticipation of the next telephone date.

Get Competitive

Creativity is key in these challenging times and online or app games are a very easy way to interact with each other and takes the pressure off finding conversation topics. You can play Scrabble, Pictionary, Words With Friends, Connect 4 – the possibilities are endless – there’s even a popular game called Pandemic, where you work as a disease-fighting team (although that may be a bit close to home at the moment!). What better way to find out about someone’s personality than to inject a bit of competition.

Watch TV together

Pick a film or a Netflix show or a documentary to watch together. It will encourage great conversation or even debate for your next telephone call. It’s a way of distracting from the current ‘news overload’ and provides some escapism with a fun and light-hearted shared experience.

Video Calls

There are an abundance of free platforms to use: FaceTime, Skype, Zoom, and Whatsapp. As you begin to get to know each other over a few telephone conversations and messaging, arrange a time to have a video-chat to build upon the rapport.

Send handwritten letters

Yes, it’s old-fashioned but who doesn’t love receiving some personalised post! There’s no excuse not to have the time to do so, with our current situation. Writing a thoughtful, creative and personalised letter or note shows someone you care – an art that has been replaced by impersonal text and Whatsapp messages of modern times. Even send a handwritten invitation for a time to video-call each other – combine old-fashioned ways with modern technology!

Some of our greatest relationship successes, over the last 11 years at Bowes-Lyon Partnership, have been rapports that have developed over time. Friendships that turn into romance, as members have taken the time to get to know each other and enjoy each other’s company. It’s not the fast-paced momentum of online dating, but there’s a lot to be said for old-fashioned courtship!

At Bowes-Lyon Partnership, we believe that human connection can enhance and change lives for the better. Although we are physically keeping our 2 metres apart, we may well become closer together than ever during these times, and that will be the silver-lining to all of this.

If you would like to talk about how you can begin your relationship journey with someone new, then please do email me at , or call 0203 866 4440 and one of our friendly matchmakers would be delighted to chat to you.

We wish you all good health and well-being in these challenging times.


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