Dating Do’s and Don’ts

Bowes-Lyon Partnership Dating Do’s and Don’ts

Coffee CupsWith today’s balanced equality amongst the genders, the usual rules of dating are becoming increasingly blurred, who pays for the bill, who calls who first, who decides where to go and what to do?


Bowes-Lyon Partnership Ltd. is an elite dating agency run by sisters Hayley and Natalie Bystram. Their exclusive introductions company has a large database of accomplished, intelligent, attractive professionals but as Hayley & Natalie suggest, even the successful and experienced need a helping hand with the ever-evolving etiquette surrounding dating. Whilst there is no fool-proof or guaranteed methods to ensuring a successful date there are a number of do’s and don’ts Bowes-Lyon Partnership believes everyone should follow:


1) Who pays for the bill?


There has always been a lot of debate surrounding this question. Some women prefer men to act out the chivalrous role whereas other women are very independent and do not like to be paid for. As a general rule however, whoever arranges the date should expect to pick up the bill. For the purposes of maintaining the balance of equality, it’s a nice gesture to offer to pay for the popcorn if he has paid for the cinema tickets!


2) Where to meet


Think carefully about the venue you chose to meet your date, it’s a must to make a first date in a public place, so leave romantic one-on-ones for later in the relationship. It’s a great idea to choose a place you’re familiar with so that you don’t feel uncomfortable if you get there earlier than your date. But equally, remember to be respectful of your dates wishes, the focus is to get to know them, not to hang out at your favourite bar!


3) It’s a date not a therapy session!


It’s important to find out about each other when dating, but early on in your relationship is not always the ideal time to disclose your life story, leave any ‘baggage’ at home. Talking about your ex, your dislike of a work colleague or details of your last visit to the Doctor are not appropriate topics of conversation.


4) Don’t answer the mobile phone!


It’s very rude to answer your phone on a date, it will portray that you are bored and uninterested. Switch the phone off before meeting your date!


5) Be yourself


Act natural and be confident in yourself. Don’t try and be someone you’re not otherwise you’re going to have to keep that act up the whole time! Remember to have fun, your lifeis not hanging in the balance, it’s just a date!




Hayley & Natalie Bystram are the founders and directors of Bowes-Lyon Partnership Ltd., a London-based exclusive, international introductions company, specialising in bringing together successful, like-minded individuals. For more information please see their website or call 020 7152 6011.


Bowes-Lyon Partnership Ltd. will be sharing their advice on “Dating Conversation Starters” in June 2010

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