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Some people take like a duck to water when striking up conversations on a date and others find it a little more challenging, even if they are normally the life and sole of the dinner party.  There is a plethora of advice on conversation starters out there, but most in the form of lists of questions to fire at your date or suggestions about telling jokes!  At Bowes-Lyon Partnership, we feel we have more to offer than this…



Bowes-Lyon Partnership Ltd. is an elite dating agency run by sisters Hayley and Natalie Bystram. Their exclusive introductions company has a large database of accomplished, intelligent, attractive professionals but as Hayley & Natalie suggest, even the successful and experienced sometimes need a helping hand with dating conversation starters. Whilst there is no fool-proof or guaranteed methods to ensuring a successful date there are a number of conversation starters that could prove very helpful to bear in mind…



1) The Power of ‘FORE

Family, Occupation, Recreation, Education (FORE) – conversations around these four topics work with every person.  No matter what your background, lifestyle or personality, almost everyone has something to say about these areas.  This is a great starting point and enables you to delve deeper to find out more!



2) The Highs & Lows of your Day

Although it’s great to always focus on the positives, you can turn the negatives in to an interesting conversation.  Remember to keep an air of humour and light-heartedness about any negatives; so even though you may have lost your phone and broken your heel on the way to work, follow it up with how you now have the perfect excuse to buy those shoes you’ve had your eye on for a month now!


3) Follow up on What your Date is Saying

You’d be surprised at how many people ask great questions but then don’t listen to the reply.  Your dates answers give you the perfect opportunity to move on to other topics, remember your aim is to get the flow of interesting conversation going rather than firing questions at your date in the style of a job interview!



4) Recall your Past Conversations…

Even if it’s your date, you can highlight what you talked about on the phone when you were organising your date.  Mentally file away snippets of information that you previously talked about, perhaps what your date had done that day, eg: ‘you mentioned on the phone you had a big presentation to do last week, how did it go?’  Or, ‘You were talking about booking that holiday, where did you go for in the end?’
Remember to switch your phone to silent on a date, answering calls could portray that you are bored and uninterested.



5) Keep your expectations real

You’re going on a date, not walking down the aisle!  Treat the experience as you are meeting a new friend, if you hit it off, great, but if you don’t then it’s just not meant to be.



Hayley & Natalie Bystram are the founders and directors of Bowes-Lyon Partnership Ltd., a London-based exclusive, international introductions company, specialising in bringing together successful, like-minded individuals.


Bowes-Lyon Partnership Ltd. will be sharing more dating hints & advice in July 2010.

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