Dating Blog: Michael and Catherine: The Douglases Reunited?

Michael and Catherine: The Douglases Reunited?

Michael and Catherine: The Douglases Reunited?

Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Douglas have one of the longest-lasting celebrity marriages of recent times, and their feat is all the more remarkable when it is considered how many people believed the relationship would not last due to an age difference. They recently hit rockier times, as it was revealed the extent to which their relationship had suffered in the wake of Michael’s throat cancer scare and Catherine’s battle with bi-polar syndrome. A tumultuous few years has left the relationship playing second fiddle to various health problems between the two parties, and it has suffered as a result.

But happily, a reconciliation may be on the cards as they work to reclaim the happy relationship they once shared. Michael recently thanked Catherine when he received an Emmy for his work in a movie about Liberace, and he is said to have moved back into their family home in the past few weeks. 

The Douglases were said to have one of the happiest marriages around despite the age difference, and their temporary split goes to show that no matter the riches and wealth that they have access to, they must still work at their relationship like any other couple. They may be able to afford the glamorous holidays, the beautiful properties and the lifestyles exclusive to the A-list, but their relationship is not immune from other factors. Even the happiest of marriages can hit a tough point when they have been together for over a decade, and it is important for even the most elite couples to put in the time and effort to make their relationship work.

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