Dating Advice: How To Be Attractive Without Worrying About Looks

The Bowes-Lyon Partnership is a professional matchmaking agency and we offer a bespoke membership service that meets your needs and is tailored to achieve your goals. When you join us you’ll get your own personal dating expert.

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If you’re interested in joining, no doubt you’ll probably have a bunch of questions to ask us. And that’s why we offer a free consultation, just to say hello and have an initial chat, but you might be wondering about different dating issues in general, which is where this blog aims to come in handy.

Let’s deal with the elephant in the room. Are looks important?

Well, yes and no. Like a lot of things in life, the answer is somewhere in the middle. An instant physical attraction is crucial for some people, but not for others. If you’ve not had much dating success in the past, it’s human nature to put this down to an issue about looks.

But the truth is, looks only play a big part on a first date if you don’t make yourself attractive in other ways. What do we mean by this?

Attractive qualities include exuding confidence, displaying a sense of humour, having professional status, being driven and possessing ambition. Even simply have a sense of direction and life goals to achieve is attractive, whether those goals are based on a career, travelling the world or gazing up at the stars.

Dating experts seem to think that close-knit partnerships are made up of couples that look like each other. That is to say, their looks are on a par. There may be some logic in that, since both men and women are more likely to be confident approaching someone that they think is ‘in their league’. But here we arrive back at the confidence issue again.

How often have you seen a couple walking down the street and thought that either the man or the woman is significantly more attractive than the other?

The point is, don’t limit your dating success by having preconceptions about looks, either your own or someone else’s. As dating experts, the Bowes-Lyon Partnership will set you up with likeminded equals who we think are a great match for you, but work still needs to be done. We still need both parties on the date to find the balance between having a first attraction and waiting around to scratch under the surface of someone’s personality.

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