Why Date Night Is Vital to Your Relationship

Why Date Night Is Vital to Your Relationship

On my parents’ date nights, I vividly remember my father driving his car out of the garage and around to the front of our house just so he could ring the doorbell and start the evening properly. He wanted my mum to feel as special as she did when they were teenagers and living separately. I always admired the fact that my parents took time out for one another, and I’m convinced it’s one of the main reasons why they are still in love after thirty-one years of marriage.

In anticipation of my own date night with my husband scheduled for this evening, I thought it was fitting to make today’s blog post about that very subject. In this incredibly busy and career-driven world, my hubby and I strive to make time for one another throughout the week – even if it’s just for an hour over a glass of wine.

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However, this is often a struggle that couples face, and we see it all the time at Bowes-Lyon Partnership. Our own members come to us with lives that are already very full and fast-paced, and they are looking to make the time for a relationship as well. Once they enter into a romance, there’s always a bit of an adjustment when it comes to schedules and making time for another person. However, to any relationship, new or old, date night is of paramount importance to the couple’s bond and whether it’s scheduled or happens on a whim, it’s always beneficial.

Here’s a few reasons why date night is vital to the health and success of a relationship:

  1. You’ll have an opportunity to communicate with one another without interruptions. (And remember, you’re allowed to discuss subjects other than the kids, work, and money!)
  2.  It’s a chance to have a bit of fun during your busy and sometimes mundane week. (Stepping outside the dinner-and-a-movie box is recommended!)
  3. Date nights relieve stress!
  4. Your commitment will be strengthened as setting that evening aside is a clear sign that the partnership is important to both of you.
  5. That romantic spark will be rekindled! (Note that a little bit of effort in the wardrobe department can help with this as well! Iron your shirt!)

Now open your diary and plan your next date night! You’ll thank me later!

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