Congratulations Harry and Meghan

Prince Harry and Meghan MarkleAdvice for the newly engaged royals

Nothing makes us happier, at Bowes-Lyon Partnership, than an engagement. Usually, it is an engagement we have had a hand in. But today, it is the announcement that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are to marry. Obviously, we were not involved in this match. But it is still always lovely to hear heart-warming news and see two people commit who are so clearly in love.

Whilst there will be a whole host of concerns for the new bridge and groom-to-be; the usual advice doesn’t seem to apply here. Normally, we would advise newly engaged couples to check their wedding budget before they look at venues or get excited about bands. But in this case – we don’t think budget will be an issue! We would also advise about how to handle the parents, the announcement and many other aspects that don’t apply here at all. Here etiquette and royal protocols will supersede everything else.

However, there is some advice we can offer, even to the royal couple. Harry and Meghan need to remember that whilst they have a duty to their families and the public, it is still their day. They can choose to be present and to make time for each other.

Be together

For me, one of the things I wanted most on my wedding day was – to spend it with my husband. It sounds obvious yet so many couple find themselves totally swept away by their duties and desires to be with everyone. You cannot be with everyone, but you can look around at all your friends and family and enjoy the fact that you have brought them together. Of course, you will still spend some time apart from your beloved. So, make time at the end of the night, when the guests have gone, to sit together and share your different experiences of the day.

Be present

Your wedding day is a day you create; you cannot be at every moment, but you can be in the moment. Being in the moment, truly in the moment, slows time down and means it doesn’t pass by in a blur. Whatever your wedding, you can choose to be present and immerse yourself in the joy of it all. After all, that is what every couple wants, royal or not.

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