How Chelsea Flower Show can help your love life…

I have recently moved house and have a new garden that is a blank canvas crying out for some creative design. And where do you go for the best garden design ideas…?

Chelsea Flower Show, of course! beautiful flower bed

Ambitious? Perhaps a tad, but when you walk into Chelsea Flower Show, you walk into a garden paradise with ready-made perfect gardens showing you exactly what you can do and what is possible. It is all about creating an image and a lifestyle; it shows you what can be achieved and gives you something to aspire to.

purple flowersFor me, I have to visualise what I’m aiming for and once that picture is in my head, that’s what keeps me going. It’s a practice that can be adopted in life to help you focus on what you want and where you’re headed.

Being clear and specific about what you want gives you a greater chance of achieving that goal.

When someone is thinking of joining my introductions agency I meet them for an initial consultation to understand more about them and their lifestyles and, most importantly, what they want in their future. It is the ones who are clear on their goal in life, and who have a picture in their mind of who they want to meet, and the life and situation they want to be in, that seem to have the most success. Having a visualisation of what you’re aiming towards helps keep you focused and determined and gives you purpose, which generates more potential to succeed.

Give it a go. I’m not saying you’ll get there overnight, but start small….

hayley with champagne

Picture that dress you wanted. Picture that car you want in your driveway or, if you’re me, picture that image of the beautiful garden that you want. Really cement the vision in your mind and then take whatever action is needed to get closer and closer to it.

And, if it’s a life partner, marriage or family you are looking for then give me a call for an informal chat and I’ll help you make that picture in your head a reality….Give me a call


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