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Many of our members at Bowes-Lyon Partnership have previously been in long-term relationships or marriages, and overwhelmed by the thought of being single and starting the dating process.

A common worry, when returning to dating after a long break is that the datingrules have changed considerably from when they were last single. It has only been in the last decade that online dating and introduction agencies have become more commonplace in the market. It can often seem strange to members to even think about going on a blind date, let alone meet with someone new every week! We always inform our members that the only difference is in the process of being introduced to new people. Agencies and dating sites allow you to connect with people you wouldn’t cross paths with in your everyday life, but after this initial contact has been made, all the other skills and practices required to form an attachment are exactly the same as they have always been.

At Bowes-Lyon Partnership, we recognise that members, who have not experienced being single for many years, may enter the process with a degree of trepidation. We ensure that we provide support along the way and ease all of our members into the dating process, holding their hands and guiding them, for as long as they need us to! If you want to take that first step to changing your life and meeting someone new, then contact Hayley or Natalie at or call us for an informal chat on 0207 152 6011.

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