Can You Have It All? Studies Reveal Women Can Successfully Balance Work and Home Lives

Can You Have It All? Studies Reveal Women Can Successfully Balance Work and Home Lives

balance recently revealed that 85% of women believe that it is entirely possible to have a successful and high-flying career as well as a healthy and loving relationship. Women have long since been told that they will eventually have to choose between family life and their career, but an increasing number of elite professionals are disproving this myth and having incredibly successful and balanced lives.

Hayley Bystram, Director of elite dating agency Bowes-Lyon Partnership, says, “Many of our professional clients are ensconced in high-flying careers that demand a lot of their time, but a large number of them also manage to have successful relationships and family lives without sacrificing one element. Modern-day women are more determined than ever to reap the rewards of every area of their lives, not simply settling for being solely focused on their career, their family, their friends or their relationship.”

One of the aspects that is helping many powerful and career-minded individuals to enjoy every area of their lives is the ability to match them with similar, compatible people. Having a partner who understands that career, family and relationships must be balanced carefully is a great benefit for both men and women who want to juggle each element of their lives. Partners like this, who often meet through professional dating agencies and elite introduction services, can shoulder the burden of family life and putting in the hours at their jobs together, whilst working on their relationship as a couple.

Many of the conflicts in relationships occur because one party prioritises their career over their family, or vice versa. Having someone around with the same priorities can help keep relationships healthy and successful for longer. Both parties understand the demands of such powerful careers, both individuals understand that late nights and early starts at the office are almost a prerequisite, and both people know how important sustaining a successful career is. But both parties also understand the importance of taking some down time and ensuring that quality time with the family is well spent, booking occasional holidays and making sure that birthdays and family occasions are set in stone as breaks in the work schedule, never to be missed.

Women are increasingly discovering that having it all is entirely possible for them; they can go from fearsome boardroom executive to loving mother via adoring wife, before snapping back into their working self. Each role can be fulfilled with aplomb, and having a partner who understands the rigors of this routine is one of the key factors in going the distance.

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