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Even the hardiest, most experienced dater still experiences first-date nerves. Bowes-Lyon Partnership is an elite dating agency run by sisters Hayley and Natalie Bystram. Their exclusive introductions company has a large database of accomplished, intelligent, attractive professionals but as Hayley & Natalie suggest, even the successful and beautiful need a helping hand. Whilst there is no fool-proof or guaranteed methods to ensuring a successful first date there are a number of hints and tips Bowes-Lyon Partnership believes everyone should follow:

1) Take pride in your appearance.

You wouldn’t turn up to a job interview with unwashed hair or un-ironed clothes so take the same attitude when meeting a date for the first time. Whilst it is personality and compatibility that will ensure the longevity of a relationship, first impressions DO count. Make sure your hair is styled and your clothes are flattering and if you feel comfortable, your confidence will shine through, making you all the more attractive!

A couple diving in the sea2) Jump in with both feet

Those that jump into dating with both feet and enjoy the process are the ones that have the most success. Half-heartedness will make the process harder and longer. Make a concerted effort to be proactive and dedicate time to meeting new people. Love won’t find anyone sitting on the sofa!

3) Choose venues wisely

If you are meeting someone for the first time, sitting in a dark cinema for 3 hours isn’t going to help you get to know someone. Bowes-Lyon Partnership recommends choosing somewhere relaxed and informal in a public place for a first date; a coffee, a light lunch or an early evening cocktail, that way if there is no spark you can politely make your excuses and leave or, ideally, order that second mojito and enjoy!!

4) Be interested and interesting

Everyone’s favourite subject is themselves but make sure you show an interest in her hobbies, lifestyle, career, etc. Ask relevant questions, pay attention and listen, after all you want to know if your date is compatible for you so this is your best opportunity to find out all you can!

Couple kissing and holding ice cream

5) Be realistic

Decide what you want to achieve out of dating, are you looking for a long-term relationship, or are you looking for a fling? In either case, plan accordingly and seek out others with a similar outlook to your own. Have realistic expectations, do not expect to be married within 6 months of meeting someone and prepare yourself for the inevitable rejection everyone faces at some point in dating, and commit not to give up. Remember to enjoy dating for what it is, meeting new people you wouldn’t normally cross paths with, going to new places and overall, having fun!!

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