Bowes-Lyon Partnership Reveals Post-20s Dating Difficulty

Bowes-Lyon Partnership Reveals Post-20s Dating Difficulty

With high-powered careers, mortgages and often children to consider, those entering the world of dating in their thirties, forties and fifties can find it tough. The relative excitement and freedom of the twenties dating scene can feel like a lifetime ago, and there are many reasons why those coming out of relationships or looking for something more serious might find it more difficult. Here are the top three reasons why post-20s dating is tough, with advice from exclusive introduction agency Bowes-Lyon Partnership on how to counteract the ensuing pitfalls.

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1.  Time Constraints

One of the most common complaints for men and women in and after their thirties is how little time they have to themselves and to meet new people. A fulfilling and successful professional life can leave little time for serious dating and integrating a new person into one’s world. Introduction agency Bowes-Lyon Partnership however, works specifically with career professionals who juggle similar responsibilities and the team fully understands the constraints that careers can place upon individuals. This level of mutual understanding when meeting someone through an agency can help to form a solid foundation for a relationship rather than be yet another stumbling block.

 2. Post-Divorce

Many people, especially those in their forties and fifties, have experienced the emotional trauma of divorce and the devastating split of social groups as a result. Even after the most amicable of separations, mutual friends are often forced into choosing a ‘side’, and social circles immediately narrow. One of the best ways to get around this unfortunate situation is to date outside of normal social circles. Meeting someone entirely new through an elite dating agency, with no ties or obligations to exes or existing friends can be liberating, refreshing and exciting.

3.      Couples Everywhere

Once in one’s thirties, forties and fifties, it can be hard to move at dinner parties, gatherings and other social occasions for couples. Having friends who are all in relationships can make it tough to meet your perfect match. Equally awkward are the set-up scenarios where well-meaning friends introduce you to the only other single person they know and despite having a mutual friendship in common, you find yourself making forced conversation. Being surrounded by friends in relationships can also mean social seclusion for the singleton, as it is only natural not to want to be the only single person at a dinner party full of happy couples. Breaking out of these social boundaries is crucial for anyone who has found their social life idling and a discreet dating agency can be a great way to present yourself with the opportunity of meeting someone new.


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