Bowes-Lyon Partnership Helps Clients Look For Silver Lining In Bad Dates

Bowes-Lyon Partnership Helps Clients Look For Silver Lining In Bad Dates


bad dateAdvice in Marie Claire magazine this month is helping people across the country to look on the bright side of any bad date and find their silver lining, even if it didn’t lead to true love. All dating experiences are enriching in some way and help both participants to learn something about themselves; even if it is that they don’t like a certain restaurant or they should have brought a different clutch bag!

So what can be learned from bad dating experiences? Hayley Bystram, Director of elite dating agency Bowes-Lyon Partnership, which specialises in matching professionals with other compatible individuals, says, “The old saying goes that you have a kiss a few frogs before you find a prince, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t learn lessons and take inspiration from the frogs along the way. The dating scene is a steep learning curve, and those who are looking for love end up learning not only about dating etiquette and how long to leave it until you call, but also about themselves; what they want from life, what they want in a partner, and how they will go about getting it.”

A bad date can end up being a wake-up call. Perhaps you have been mixing in circles where you are certain, deep down, that you will not find your soulmate. Perhaps you have been stuck in a rut and are choosing the same type of potential partner over and over. A particularly bad date can be the final straw, and can contribute to someone shaking up their habits and trying something new. You may join a professional dating agency, shun your usual dating venue or meet someone outside your circle of friends and see where it could take you.

Bad dates can also increase feelings of empathy. Everyone knows the feeling of not knowing how to break an awkward silence, and it is usually due to nerves; if someone is stumbling over their words or creating dead-end conversations, cut them a little slack and try to end the date on a nice note. It may not end in marriage or even a second meeting, but it will be more fulfilling for both parties to make the effort.

Lastly, a bad dating experience can help someone to decide exactly what they do not want in a relationship. Spending time with an arrogant person can help someone to decide they are looking for a humble partner, just as going on a date with someone too serious can contribute towards someone realise that they are searching for a soulmate with a sense of humour. Dates can be seen as stepping stones to a perfect partner; you are simply discovering what you like and what you prefer along the way, to ensure that when you meet that compatible person, you will recognise their potential as a partner.

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