Bowes-Lyon Ladies’ Top 3 Qualities in a Gentleman…

So we shared with you the top 3 criteria the male members at Bowes-Lyon Partnership are looking for in a partner, now we’re going to share with you the ladies top 3 criteria…

1) Someone youthful and spontaneous
2) Someone intellectually stimulating and articulate
3) Someone honest

qualities in a gentelman

Interestingly, for our ladies, looks come a little further down the list than with the gentlemen! But what we frequently find is that members often revisit their criteria after a couple of introductions. For the gentlemen, in particular, we often find that the ‘looks’ criteria gradually slips down the list as they realise there are so many more important factors when finding their ideal match!

Youthfulness and spontaneity are key for most of our ladies, they are independent, positive, fun and youthful individuals themselves so are looking for a gentleman who can keep up with them! Our members are often well educated individuals who have or have had successful careers so it’s no surprise ‘someone intellectually stimulating and articulate’ appears in the top 3 for our ladies. And finally someone honest, many of our members have had previous relationships or marriages and so they know the value and importance of honesty in a successful partnership.

Hayley & Natalie

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