Bowes-Lyon Gentlemen’s Top 3 Qualities in a Lady

At Bowes-Lyon Partnership we meet for an informal chat with each and every member, which is great as not only so we see what our members really look like face to face but we are also able to get a really good feel for the type of person they are. We pay particular attention to what our members are looking for in a partner, which means our success rate is naturally very high – we work with the ethos of quality over quantity!

Our gentlemen members are of course all individuals in their own right and are looking for specific qualities in a partner, but there are 3 qualities that crop up the most:

1) Someone confident but easy going – definitely no prime donne!
2) Someone youthful and spontaneous
3) Someone attractive – tricky as beauty is of course in the eye of the beholder, but having met with each and every member, we have a pretty good steer for who would find who attractive!
qualities in a lady - statue

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