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Bowes-Lyon Partnership is a discreet introduction service which specialises in connecting elite individuals to their perfect match. Their high success rate in finding soul mates is attributed to many factors of their service; their Bowes-Lyon Index, which helps to connect those with similar values, their personalised service in which they get to know their clients as individuals, and their commitment to ensuring that all of their clients are ‘relationship ready’. There are no time-wasters at Bowes-Lyon Partnership; every client is ready to engage in a committed relationship, and this is in part due to the extra services offered with the membership plan.

In order to help their clients become ‘relationship ready’, the elite dating service allows their members access to some of the UK’s leading lifestyle coaches and gurus. Entirely optional, the complimentary package allows each client to feel completely confident in themselves, be aware of what they are searching for in a relationship, and ensure that their first few dates with their match go swimmingly.

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The first step in ensuring a client is ready to embark on a relationship is a session with Francine Kaye, renowned relationship expert. All members receive a complimentary session with Ms Kaye when they join Bowes-Lyon Partnership, and she can assist all clients in identifying what they are really looking for in a partner. The author, relationship coach and qualified therapist also supports all clients in their search for a long term, loving relationship.

Looking and feeling great is also a large part of entering the dating process. Personal image consultant Sally-Anne Dahl can help all clients of Bowes-Lyon Partnership to overcome the challenge of personal styling, and a partnership with health and fitness company Move Three-Sixty can help clients to see changes from the inside out. Realising the body’s full potential and having a great image can help to boost confidence and ensure that a client is truly relationship ready before they begin to be matched with potential soulmates.

Lastly, all clients gain a month of complimentary access to Bon Vivant, a concierge and lifestyle management service which can help to enhance the dating experience to no end. Each member will be personally assigned an expert concierge who can help to plan the finer details of a date, including finding a hotel, bar or restaurant, so that the surroundings will be perfect. Busy professionals don’t always have time to research great places to meet a potential soul mate, and so this service is one which can really enrich a dating experience.

These services combined help clients to feel relaxed, at ease and at their best when they meet their potential new companion. Members can choose to undertake any and all of the services, as befits their personal preference. Clients can also rest assured that their opposite number will have had access to the same expert opinions and advice, so they will be equally ‘relationship ready’ and prepared to find love.


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