Banish the Lonely Christmas Blues By Finding Love This Festive Season

The festive season is fast approaching, and with it will come endless party invitations from friends and loved ones wishing to spread goodwill. Christmas is traditionally a party season and the annual get-togethers that everyone has to face can seem more of a chore when facing them alone, especially when confronted by distant relatives and nosey acquaintances. Social butterflies with extended social circles can find themselves with parties to attend every weekend during the month of December; surrounded by couples all too happy to be caught under the mistletoe. The festive season, though known for its cheer and merriment, can be a lonely time for those who are currently single.

Of course, the only thing worse than having no date for a Christmas party is having an unsuitable one. Many people, upon being faced with the prospect of attending alone, will finally give in and agree to attend with a potentially disastrous suitor, simply to avoid being the token ‘single’ in the room. This can be a worse decision in many ways, not least because one of the easiest ways to ruin a party is to attend with someone whose personality clashes with your own.

It is the realisation of facing another festive season skirting this datingCandy cane heart minefield that spurs many single men and women to search for introduction services around this time of year. October is the prime month for joining a foremost introductory service such as Bowes-Lyon Partnership, an elite dating service creating matches between refined and successful men and women who don’t wish to spend their festive season cooking a turkey and mince pie for one. Registering for one of these discreet services during the month of October gives the team adequate time to find a great match before the Christmas merriment begins in December.

The team at Bowes-Lyon Partnership use their innovative and exclusive Bowes-Lyon Index, with a touch of matchmaking instinct thrown in, in order to eliminate the chance of being introduced to an incompatible date this Christmas. The matches offered through the discreet introduction agency are chosen through getting to know each client and understanding their needs; success rates are incredibly high, and could mean an end to showing up to any party alone, be it this Christmas or next. All Bowes-Lyon Partnership daters are successful individuals looking for love, and the service provided is relaxed and informal throughout, removing the stress of finding a date for the holiday season and replacing it with festive fun that could go on to become lasting love.


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