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Dating Conversation Advice


Bowes-Lyon Partnership Dating Conversation Advice Some people take like a duck to water when striking up conversations on a date and others find it a little more challenging, even if they are normally the life and sole of the dinner

Dating Do’s and Don’ts


Bowes-Lyon Partnership Dating Do’s and Don’ts With today’s balanced equality amongst the genders, the usual rules of dating are becoming increasingly blurred, who pays for the bill, who calls who first, who decides where to go and what to do?

What (not) to wear on a date


Bowes-Lyon Partnership What (not) to wear on a date Dating can throw numerous challenges at us, but one of the most universal concerns is what to wear on a first date? Whilst you will rarely know the person well enough

Why do some men want to date significantly younger women?

dating younger women

Why do some men want to date significantly younger women?   As owners of the UKs exclusive dating agency, Bowes-Lyon Partnership Ltd, we always strive to at the very least meet the criteria and preferences of our members. We work

How the Single and Savvy Find the Perfect Partner on a Tight Schedule

perfect partner

How the Single and Savvy Find the Perfect Partner on a Tight Schedule   News & Press | March 2010 In today’s fast paced world, the odds appear to be stacked against hard working, savvy, professional women finding their perfect

Elite Dating

elite dating married couple

When using an agency to find a potential partner, elite dating is an excellent option. With the right agency, you will be personally matched to individuals based on a wide variety of your criteria and requirements. Bowes-Lyon Partnership is an

Professional Introductions

professional introductions

Professional Introductions   For those with a busy lifestyle, professional introductions can be the obvious solution when looking for someone special. The use of an exclusive introduction agency, which can offer a comprehensive dating service, can be the answer when

Introduction Agency London

introduction agency london

Introduction Agency London City-based professionals who are finding it hard to meet a potential partner may find it beneficial to use a London introduction agency. It is a viable alternative to using internet dating sites or attending speed dating events,

Dating Agency UK

dating agency

Dating Agency UK   Those wishing to employ the services of a dating agency in the UK will find there are many to choose from. UK dating agencies have been in existence in various forms for decades. There has always

Professional Dating Agency

professional dating agency

Professional Dating Agency More and more people are turning to professional dating agencies in order to meet potential partners. In the modern world, professional men and women lead busy lives, making it much harder to find that someone special. A

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