What’s the Strangest Dating Craze Yet?

What’s the Strangest Dating Craze Yet?

 strangest dating craze

A few weeks ago at The Shard, a meet-up group held a dating event we never knew existed – group Twister for singles!

Hundreds gathered to participate in the game with the hopes of meeting the apple of their eye at 1000 feet up in the air.

So how successful would an event like this actually be? Surprisingly, we think they may be onto something. Here’s why:

1. Commonalities

One of the benefits events such as these is that a common bond is formed. Plus, we’d imagine that both parties are of a similar personality and nature if they are attending an event like this! That means you know straight away that you’re meeting someone a least a little compatible.

2. Laughter

Secondly, laughter has been known as the ‘glue of humanity’. By participating in an activity like this, there’s bound to be lots of laughter involved which will make both parties feel closer.

3. Sexual Tension

As you can imagine, some of the positions during the game may have gotten a bit interesting. After this warm-up, I’m pretty sure the nerves would be long gone!

4. Small talk

While in awkward positions, you’d probably have a bit of time to get to know one another and at least get the small talk out of the way so you can move onto more important conversations later on!

And of course, if Twister isn’t your cup of tea, we can help you find the love you’re longing for. Just get in touch today by clicking here!

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