Treat Your Love Life Like Your Career

Why It’s Important to Treat Your Love Life Like Your Career

We meet so many successful people in this industry, and one thing’s for sure – they’ve all worked incredibly hard and achieved so much in their careers. Yet, the other (and sometimes surprising) commonality is that they all need a bit of help finding love. We do sometimes wonder why these engaging, successful and clearly bright people need help with their love lives, because in our opinion, there’s a lot of similarity between career success and relationship success. Here’s why:


1. Connections


It’s important to network and make connections when it comes to business and dating is no different. It’s all about meeting new people and getting yourself out there.


2. Risks


You have take risks if you want to achieve big things. Relationships require risk as well and putting your heart out on the line is a huge one (but it’s also worth it!).


3. Tenacity


Most of us don’t stay in the same role forever, but we get back on the horse and try again (and not just because we need to pay the bills). Relationships are the same – even if one doesn’t work out or last a lifetime, try again!

4. Intelligence


Intelligence is part of the recipe for success and is key when it comes to relationships as well. You have to use your mind when trying figure out ways to meet potential partners. Where would he/she go on a Friday night? Whatwould he/she do on the weekend? It’s all about intelligent effort.


5. Attention


You have to work hard when it comes to finding love these days because most of the time it doesn’t happen organically. Maybe it’s time for you to be honest with yourself and admit that you aren’t giving the whole dating thing the effort or attention it deserves and make a change today.

 treat lovelife like career

At Bowes-Lyon Partnership, we exist to help you make connections, take risks, show tenacity, display intelligence and of course give your love life the attention it deserves. Why not get in touch today?

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