Why Am I Still Single?

Why Am I Still Single?

It may be harsh, but you may be the reason for your ‘single’ relationship status. I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with you or that you’re ‘un-dateable’, but there are often roadblocks we unknowingly put up on our path to love. Here are a few of the possible barriers:


  1. You’re not over your ex – If you’re not emotionally available, you may be unconsciously stopping a new relationship from entering into your life. Close one door to open another!

  2. You aren’t making enough effort – I once read that contrary to popular belief, ‘Mr Right is probably not going to come knocking at your door, unless he’s the postman’. I love that line, and it’s so true! You need to get yourself out there!

  3. You aren’t willing to compromise – If you’re constantly looking for someone to tick everything off your list, you may be missing out on someone wonderful. I know it’s hard to swallow, but in reality, we don’t always know who’s best for us!

  4. You’re lacking in confidence – Confidence is sexy and appealing. Even if something doesn’t work out with the very next person you meet, don’t let it shake your confidence! Keep on keeping on and do your best to be your best!

  5. You’re too busy – Are your purposely keeping yourself mega busy in order to avoid feeling lonely? If you’ve gotten yourself into a habit of working non-stop, doing solo extracurricular activities and hanging out with married friends, cross something off the list! Make time for someone to come into your life!

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