Do You Really Want to Find Love?

Do You Really Want to Find Love?

Find Love

At Bowes-Lyon Partnership, we have the pleasure of meeting so many fascinating people. One of their commonalities of course is that they all want to find love. But sometimes we wonder if that’s actually true, as their behaviour can tell a different story to what they’re actually saying.

Our goal is to ensure our members have success in the dating process and to help them find love. There can be frustrations along the way; over the years we have experienced members turn down introductions with someone who matches their criteria and requirements, for no apparent reason. Timing plays an important factor in the dating process and, on occasion, opportunities have been missed as people are too busy with work or various other activities.

We try to encourage people to remember that they joined Bowes-Lyon Partnership for a reason and that it’s important to act now, and be proactive in giving it your best shot at finding that ideal person.


So today, I’d like you to be really honest with yourself and ask whether you’re truly ready to find love.


If so, here’s what you need to do:


1. Take chances.

Often times we are presented with the opportunity to meet new people, yet we fail to act. Tell yourself ‘No more!’ and get out there. Take the opportunities that put you in front of potential partners whether that’s a blind date or a social event.


2. Open up your diary.

Clear at least one evening in your diary per week for dates (even if you don’t have any lined up yet). If you make time now, you’ll have the time to meet someone special and give the relationship the attention it deserves.


3. Be flexible.

I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again: dating requires flexibility. No one is going to slot perfectly into your life. Give and take is required when it comes to dating, so why not practice not being so set in your ways now?


4. Trust.

If you have professionals in your life who are helping you with this process, trust them! You hired them for a reason, and they know what they are doing. Similarly, if you have friends or family trying to set you up, go out on dates! You may be pleasantly surprised.


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