How Do You Spoil Your Partner without Spending a Fortune?

How Do You Spoil Your Partner without Spending a Fortune?


Incredibly, it’s February tomorrow and thus the beginning of the month of love and Valentine’s Day! This week, I’ve been asked by a gentleman enquirer to list inexpensive ways to spoil the lady in his life. Although this post is aimed at the guys, most of the ideas are interchangeable – so ladies, feel free to use them as well! As you will see, the main point is that even the littlest acts of kindness and love go a long way.

spoil your partner

  1. While your partner is in the shower, put her towel in the tumble dryer or on the heated towel rail. She will have a toasty surprise when she steps out!
  2. Spray lavender on her side of the bed in the evening without her knowing.
  3. Give your partner a ‘day’. She gets to pick what you do together, what movie you watch, and where you eat! Reminder: You have to do everything without any complaints!
  4. Make your partner’s favourite meal one evening for dinner. If you need to ring her mum for the recipe then do so!
  5. Before you go to bed, leave a love note on the bathroom mirror for her to read; notes always make getting up at the crack of dawn a bit better!
  6. One word: flowers! It doesn’t have to be a bouquet – a single rose works wonders!
  7. Make her a cup of tea in the morning. Better yet, bring it into the bedroom for her to enjoy before she gets out of bed.
  8. Pick one chore that your partner normally does and do it for her all week. (Just one week, come on, you can do it!)
  9. Wash, blow-dry, and brush your partner’s hair. It sounds super cheesy, but sometimes the best part of going to the salon isn’t the final result, but the pampering! (You know you love getting your hair washed too – admit it!)
  10. Offer to rub her feet after a long day at work wearing sky-high heels. And remember, I said offer.
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