What Are the Benefits of Joining an Introduction Agency?

What Are the Benefits of Joining an Introduction Agency?


Here are the top reasons why you definitely need to join an introduction agency NOW if you want to find love!



  1. Peace of Mind – We personally meet all of our members and can vouch that they are who they say they are (we even require proof of identification!). There will be no surprises when you show up for your date, and you’ll recognise the person you’re meeting as you will have seen a recent photograph of him/her beforehand.
  2. Relationship Ready – We offer our Relationship Ready package which is a service that provides you with a session with a photographer, stylist, relationship coach, concierge and fitness coach. It’s important that all of our members start off on the best foot for this process!
  3. High Calibre – One of the reasons many of our members come to us is because they want to meet someone on their same level. Our fee helps us guarantee that everyone in our company is hard-working, successful and of a certain calibre.
  4. Commonality – Our high success rate of over 70% is due to the fact that all of our members are quite similar in their interests, background, education and desire to find a long-term relationship. Dating has become very niche, and we can help you find the right type of person.
  5. Personal Touch – We pride ourselves on having an ‘American’ style of excellent customer service. We are constantly speaking to our members throughout the week and get to know them on an incredibly personal level. We are even able to take care of the messy bits of dating for you. For example, if you had a wonderful date but don’t think there was enough of a spark to move onto a second date with someone, we’re happy to end the introduction for you. (More often than not, our members on are the same page anyway, so don’t worry – it’s not as tricky as it seems!)
  6. Knowledge – Our Director, Hayley Bystram, has been in this industry for 10 years. She knows how it works and has an incredible amount of experience when it comes to matching members, which is a huge factor in our high success rate.
  7. Flexibility – Our annual membership offers a 6-month hold facility so if you are on holiday, going through a busy period at work or when you meet that special someone, we allow you the flexibility to put your membership on hold so the clock isn’t ticking away. We don’t expect you to rearrange your life or give up important aspects of it for this process, so we are always communicating with you to see what works best for your life!
  8. Dedication – Above all else, we truly care about our members and will go to all lengths to see that you have a successful membership. Whether that means walking down the aisle or moving in, we’re here for you and want you to reach your goal of finding love.
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