7 Dating No-No’s

7 Dating No-No’s

Many of us make a few key mistakes when looking for love or entering into a new relationship. Here’s our top 7 to avoid:

Dating no no

  1. Expect perfection – Last time I checked, no one is perfect, so you can’t expect to meet someone who is without imperfections. You may have an ‘ideal’ mate in mind, but in reality, the person who ends up being perfect for you, may come with a surprise or two!
  2. Bring the past into the present – We all have our baggage, but it’s important for your past to make you better, not bitter. No one deserves to experience the brunt of your pain from a previous relationship or to be judged prematurely due to an experience you had with an ex
  3. Text obsessively – Yes, communication is important, but a little mystery can be a good thing! People in love still need their space from time to time!
  4. Give up your friends – Your other relationships have contributed to the person you are and add to your intrigue! Don’t put all your eggs in one basket when it comes to relationships. We all need multiple relationships as they contribute and enhance our lives in different ways.
  5. Let fear take over – Although you’ve always been keen to meet someone and fall in love, sometimes when it actually happens, it can be scary. Vulnerability is quite frightening, but it’s a sign of change and sometimes change is good and  necessary.
  6. Be inflexible – I’m sorry to burst your bubble, but no one will slot right into your life perfectly. Everyone has their own schedule, commitments and priorities. A bit of give and take is necessary!
  7. Hang on to bad habits – There’s a reason why dating the bad boy or the non-committal woman didn’t work before so it (most likely) won’t work now! Stray a bit from the norm and go for a partner that will give you what you deserve


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