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I still don’t know what to expect when I go on a date? Is there a type of dating category that I would I fall into to help me know what to expect?

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What type of dating type are you?
For the next three newsletters we will feature a different personality dating types.

The reason dating is often erratic is because so much of it revolves around emotions and chemistry which are often annoyingly, unpredictable!

There appears to be three types of dating personalities:

The first type is: The “Must Get It Perfectly Right Type”:
These are the men and women who arrive at the date with a checklist that must be completed in order for the date to have been a success. The first date checklist can include all criteria from weight- too fat or thin, height – too short, or tall or not just right , age, looks, profession, income, and address to restaurant choice and type of laugh (snorting or giggling)…

The problem with the checklist crowd is that you are not actually on the date, you are working through the checklist. A very difficult and exhausting multi-tasking event. Instead of looking at the person you are scoring in your mind what the person should be doing.

Sadly this usually means that the date is not a success as in reality no one person can live up to a fantasy list. It does not allow for the human factor.

Some guidelines to check whether you a list dating type:

1. Are you very organized? You will know what we mean…a list and system for everything, and yes, including food, make up and of course shoe organisation?
2. Is it difficult for you to “go with the flow”?
3. Is it hard for you to let things go?
4. If it is not in order is it hard to continue?

Some of these behaviours may in fact be holding you back form having fun and enjoying the task ahead of you, which may just be THE DATE!!!

For most people changing some of these behaviours is hard work. But at least knowing you are checking lists may allow you to giggle at yourself and have a bit more fun with it.


Look for the next dating type in our blog soon:
The laid back, casual dating

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