Are you ready to start dating?

This was an email from a member who joined us this year. Just four simple words that were music to my ears.


I’ve met and interviewed hundreds, if not thousands, of people over the past 11+ years of running Bowes-Lyon Partnership. One of the key factors that will impact a member’s success with us, is whether they are truly ready to meet a partner, and if they are ready to start dating.

Here are a few factors that we encourage our members to consider before they embark on their dating journey:


The majority of members that come to us have previously had a long-term relationship or a marriage end in recent years. With the end of every relationship comes a grieving period – it is different for each and every person and is not a dictated by a fixed length of time. In order to move onto a new relationship you have to have closure from the previous relationship. You have to have given yourself time and space to grieve the end of the relationship, no matter how it ended and what the circumstances were behind it. If every experience, trip, holiday, thought etc reminds you of your ex or late partner then you are still in the grieving period. A good indicator of when you have moved on from your previous relationship is when you become the priority in your thoughts and activities of your life.


Many people lead perfectly happy, independent lives without a romantic partner. My members lead hugely fulfilling lifestyles, with large networks of friends, often close family, and they enjoy an active social life with many hobbies and interests. What they feel they lacks is a degree of closeness and companionship that isn’t being met by friends and family. They often feel this the most on evenings or weekends, when perhaps friends or loved ones are busy with their own responsibilities and they notice that you miss that connection


When you are ready to start dating there is a sense of hope, anticipation and excitement for the future. If the thought of meeting someone new makes you sick and want to hide under your duvet then…you are not ready to start dating! If there is a tingle of excitement about the thoughts of the future, then you’re ready. That’s not to say that the thought of dating and isn’t daunting – it is perfectly normal to feel apprehensive about taking this step, but if it is combined with excitement for the future then it is a good sign that you are ready. A little secret about this: in my experience of working with many members over the years it is always the gentlemen who are more nervous than the ladies!

Enhancing your life

A good indicator of being ready to meet a new partner is when a relationship is a want rather than a need. Dating isn’t about finding a missing piece to fulfil your life, it is about enriching your life. When you are happy in yourself and happy in your lifestyle then a relationship is an enhancement to that, rather than a necessity.

At Bowes-Lyon Partnership we truly believe that trusting your instincts and taking action based on your own personal timings are crucial to dating and relationship success.  If you feel ready to meet someone new and would like a little help in doing so then we’d be delighted to have a friendly chat over the telephone. Reach us on 0203 866 4440 or click the email address and contact me personally at


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