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The funny thing about matchmaking is that it’s essentially timeless. That is to say, matchmaking has been going on in many different cultures for centuries – the need for matchmaking then was just the same as it is today. The only difference now is that there are professional matchmaking experts offering matchmaking services that are more likely to work, just like at the Bowes-Lyon Partnership.

The first professional matchmakers are thought to have started operating in the 1600s. In Britain, what were the equivalent of today’s dating agencies were run by Parish Vicars hoping to pair and marry off locals.

Painting of a 17th Century couple

In those days, the class of the individuals was very important. You wouldn’t often see a lower-class person dating an upper-class individual; we’ve read enough Jane Austen novels to know that. But there was no real science involved. There were no dating experts, no instincts used and certainly no profiling.

And that’s where things are different now. The dating experts at the Bowes-Lyon Partnership have plenty of matchmaking experience. We carefully vet all of our members, not just to make sure that we can help them, but also so that we can get to know them and what makes them tick.

We think that when it comes to successful matchmaking, there needs to be a human at the centre of the process. We’re a modern dating agency with good, old-fashioned values. We believe that meeting new people should be a fun, exciting time in your life. As we get older, because of life commitments and career responsibilities, the opportunities to meet new people do decrease. But that’s where we come in.

We have an impressive database full of accomplished professionals who are looking to meet a like-minded individual. If you join the Bowes-Lyon Partnership, our dating experts will take the hassle out of dating by identifying a good match for you. Who is to say that you won’t find that special someone at the first time of asking? But if that doesn’t happen, through your feedback, we’ll refine our knowledge of the type of person that you need to be with.

Love locks

The Bowes-Lyon Partnership is an elite, premium dating agency that gets results for people who are too busy and too clever to rely on blind dates, well-meaning friends or tired online dating sites.

If you’re after a fast, effective and discreet dating service, come join the Bowes-Lyon Partnership. Are you ready to meet your future?

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