Are You One of The 80% of The Population Who Suffer From ‘Social Jetlag’?!

Another modern day dilemma has caught our attention in the Bowes-Lyon Partnership offices today; the idea of social jet-lag. That feeling that usually washes over us mid-week where you’re experiencing the effects of long work days, little sleep, strains in your personal life and those pesky stimulants caffeine and nicotine! According to scientists, 80% of the population is suffering from this ailment!

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By never giving our body’s time to repair themselves and the opportunity they need to adjust, we find ourselves practically running on fumes and stuck in a vicious circle! We ask our digestive systems to work late at night when they’re powering down; we force our muscles out of bed when they think they should be resting, and we artificially stimulate our brains with caffeine when they’re exhausted. All this is compounded by the fact that we’re expected to be constantly available our Blackberry’s and Iphone’s. The end result? We feel constantly tired and irritable.

Want to know how to calculate if you suffer from social jetlag?  Subtract the number of hours of sleep you get on an average working week night when you’re woken by an alarm clock from the number of hours of sleep you get when you don’t use an alarm to wake you up. So if you normally go to bed at 11pm and get up for work at 7am, but sleep in until 9am when you don’t set your alarm, your social jet lag is two hours.

According to Professor Foster, we should be trying to ‘maximise light exposure first thing. Going for a run in the morning combines light exposure with exercise and is a good way of trying to consolidate the sleep-wake cycle.’ He also believes we need to prioritise sleep. ‘Sleep is the first victim of our busy lives, but it’s essential not only for our health, but also for us to be able to function effectively at work and in life,’ he says. ‘In fact, sleep is critical for us to exist as creative, happy individuals.

Most of us will fall victim, for often pro-longed periods of time, to social jetlag, which can mean we struggle to prioritise the important things in life.  If you’re burning the candle at both ends and social jetlag is stopping you from finding your perfect partner, let Bowes-Lyon Partnership relieve the pressure in your search for your ideal match and contact us for a complimentary consultation, which is certain to be a weight off your mind!

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