Are You Looking For Love In All The Wrong Places?

Even though you seem to be making yourself more available, going on dates or perusing online dating websites, you’re still no closer to finding someone special. Does this sound familiar? Could it be that you’re looking for love in all the wrong places?

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Bowes-Lyon Partnership is one of London’s leading introduction companies and it will come as no surprise to hear that we often meet people who have been tirelessly searching for their ideal partner, but to no avail. It’s often the case that they have subconsciously been looking for a certain ‘type’ or perhaps someone too familiar and so fall into the same trap that they have been in before – relationships that don’t work out or perhaps not even finding a relationship to start with. This is not to say that once a relationship has ended you must search for a completely different soul mate but understanding that there are alternatives to the usual places you look for love in, can help you to achieve your goal.

A classic scenario many have tried and tested before coming to us is to try their luck with a generic online dating website. Although online dating can be successful (there’s estimated to be a 1 in 10 chance of finding love), all too often it just doesn’t fit the bill for those serious about looking for a long term relationship as a large proportion of online daters aren’t looking for their soul mate, instead they’re just looking for a bit of fun. That’s the difference with Bowes-Lyon Partnership, all of our members are serious about finding a long term committed partner, and if they aren’t, then they aren’t allowed a membership – it’s as simple as that! A Bowes-Lyon Partnership membership will be tailored specifically for you and designed around your particular preferences and criteria. We personally meet with each and every member and offer a complimentary, no obligation consultation so that we can truly understand your requirements and it is a great opportunity for you to find out if we are the right company that can meet your needs.

Most people have experienced a time where they have been the single one amongst a group of friends. Many a well-meaning friend will take it upon themselves to set a single mate up with one of their friends and, unlike in the movies, this often doesn’t pan out to be the fairytale romance everyone hopes for! If you have experienced this, it’s easy to go along for the ride and overlook their faults just to please your friend, but sometimes it’s best to admit defeat and move on rather than clinging onto something that just isn’t there.

Similarly, throwing yourself into endless ‘extra-curricular’ activities in order to convince yourself you’re bound to find your soul mate whilst enjoying your ‘hobbies’ may not be the solution! One of our most recent female members recalled her past six months of ‘dating’ where she eagerly began an endless list of weekly activities in order to increase her chances of meeting her ‘ideal man,’ only to find that this was not the case and her soul-mate didn’t exist at running/photography/cooking/horse riding club and the few dates she did arrange she was too exhausted to enjoy herself!

There is an alternative to jumping on the online dating bandwagon, or the good intentions of your friends, or partaking in endless pursuits in the hope of meeting ‘the one’, why not enlist the help of one of London’s leading introduction companies. At Bowes-Lyon Partnership our modern approach to dating together with our comprehensive membership network allow us to find you your ideal partner even if you have a diverse range of requirements.  Contact us when you feel ready to find your perfect match!

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