7 Tips For Finding Your Soulmate In 2016

Bowes-Lyon Partnership is getting ready for its busiest time of year when we welcome a multitude of eligible, single ladies and gentlemen to our membership at the start of the New Year. 2015 was our most successful year in business to date, not only in the increase to our membership but also in our matchmaking successes with numerous weddings, engagements, happy couples and even a few babies. Looking to the year ahead we would like to offer some of our tips from our many years’ experiences of matchmaking and creating successful relationships.

New Year

#1 Look Good Feel Good

Physical attributes play a big role in attraction, and although they don’t hold the foundations for a long-lasting relationship, we can’t deny that it makes an impact in the initial stages. This doesn’t mean you have to change who you are completely, as you don’t want to attract someone who is not right for you. However, updating your wardrobe and finding out which colours and styles compliment your skin tone, shape and figure may highlight your best assets without losing your personality. The same can also be said for hair and make-up. A subtle change in foundation, expert advice on that killer red lipstick or a quick trick in gaining luscious long curls will give you a glowing edge that will make you look amazing and more importantly feel confident, which in itself will make you more attractive to your date.

#2 Make The Effort to Meet New People

We all fantasise about the magic movie moment of bumping into the love of your life in that quaint little book shop on the corner, yet in reality the likelihood of this happening is a million to one. The chances of you meeting Mr. or Mrs. Right are significantly increased with the more people you meet, as you’re never going to find your soulmate sitting alone at home eating a meal for one. So when your cousin invites you to their birthday party or when a work colleague asks you to attend a networking event with them one evening, give it a go… you never know who will be there!

#3 Be StrongBe strong Move on

It may be fine to battle with your emotions when you are in your 20s, however 10 years on you may have had enough being treated like second best. If you feel that a relationship doesn’t hold your long-term desires from the beginning, it is fine to simply cut your losses and move on, rather than trying to make it work and get hurt further down the line. It’s inevitable that you will experience rejection when dating, yet you also need to feel strong enough to be able to reject others when you feel the relationship is not right. After all, you should not sacrifice your happiness due to fear of hurting others.

#4 Say No to Fantasy Relationships

Just because your work colleague sends you those lingering gazes across the office, or the attractive man on the commute catches your eye every so often, it does not meant that these people see it more than a flirtatious encounter. If they haven’t outright asked you on a date, then it’s probably best to mentally release the “what-ifs” and move on. Fantasy relationships can prevent you from connecting with people that truly have potential, so it’s time to move on from your daydream and focus on the reality and people that will really value and appreciate you.

#5 Take Risks

Settling into a routine becomes comfortable and easy, so the most difficult thing is to shake things up and make a change. Try by making a small change in the first instance that doesn’t push you too far from your comfort zone, e.g taking a class for something you already have an interest in or enjoy. That way you can start to meet new people without the added pressure of “looking for love.” Another way to break out of your routine is to not turn down invitations, no matter how much you might want to curl up on the sofa and catch-up on the latest episode of Downton Abbey. If one of your friends asks you to try that new wine bar, take them up on the offer and see where the evening takes you. If you are ready to be really pro-active then book a meeting with one of our friendly team and find out about the benefits of joining a dating agency and increase your chances of finding your ideal partner. Who knows where you could be this time next year…?

#6 Pay Attention to What Has Worked For You in the Past

Don’t give in to dating trends if you feel it isn’t for you. Be open to trying new things however don’t let your standards slip just because everyone else is. If the latest dating app isn’t working for you, or you can’t bring yourself to put your details online, turn to the people in your life that you admire and seek advice from them. They may give you the inspiration and encouragement you need to move forward with your life yet stay true to your values. You know yourself best so if you don’t feel comfortable doing something, just say no.

#7 Refresh Your Life

When people feel like they are in a dating rut there are often other areas of their lives that also need a refresh. You may be in an unfulfilling job or even living in a community that is holding you back. Being proactive and recognising the things that are holding you back in your life will give you the confidence to move forward and achieve your goals.


So make 2016 the best year yet. Overcome your fears, take some risks, meet new people and most of all enjoy yourself. After all, dating should be fun! If you would like some advice and are interested in working with our team of matchmakers to get the love-life you deserve, call us now on 0207 152 6011 or click here to book a free consultation with one of our friendly team.

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