5 Dating Resolutions For The New Year

The New Year is here and a common resolution for many is to find love in the year to come. While this is obviously a very noble cause, here are five dating resolutions that Bowes-Lyon Partnership feel are worth keeping in mind. Having a goal is good, but being hung up over being alone can make a perfectly good year seem overly stressful and sad. Don’t do it!

1. Follow your heart not someone else’s

If you’re recovering from a break up or a divorce or just unsure of how fast you want things to go while dating online or offline, go at your own pace. Well-meaning friends and relatives may try to make you take the plunge and get back on the horse, but if you’re not feeling it, you’re far better off going slow than rushing into something you’re not ready for.

2. Learn to be happy on your own

We can safely assume that your ultimate goal is to find love, but learning to be happily single will not only make the journey more pleasant, it will also help make your next relationship stronger and happier. Knowing that you have chosen someone not out of fear of being alone but because of a conscious choice to share your life with someone truly compatible is the best starting point for any relationship.

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3. Give people and opportunities the benefit of the doubt

You never know who or what may end up delivering the man or woman of your dreams, so in this coming year, make it your resolution to say yes to any intriguing (or potentially intriguing) offers to go out and mingle with people. Also, if a person seems potentially interesting, give them a chance, even if they don’t appear to be immediately perfect on the surface.

4. Don’t sell yourself short

We’re often told we are to compromise if we are to end up in a long term relationship and that is certainly true – fairy tale romance is pretty much confined to fairy tales. On the other hand, kissing frogs to find a prince is also fairy tale material. Only you know what’s really important to you, so don’t ever feel pressured by friends, relatives, society or whoever to lower your standards to the point where you are blatantly unhappy.

5. Be prepared but not obsessed

Make it your resolution to try to always look and feel your best, as if you are always on your way somewhere that’s full of exactly the type of people you want to meet. That way, you’ll always feel ready should anything interesting happen. On the other hand, try not to have too many expectations when you go out – certainly not to the point of not enjoying yourself should you fail to meet anyone interesting.

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If you would prefer not to leave finding your ideal match to chance, contact Bowes-Lyon Partnership to find out how we might be able to help you make 2012 a year to remember!

Thanks to Parship for their input into this blog!

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