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What’s One Dating Mistake That People Often Make?

dating mistakes

What’s One Dating Mistake That People Often Make? As you can imagine, we get asked this question all the time, and unfortunately, you may not like my answer!  To put it simply, flexibility is a must when it comes to love, dating, and

Arguments in Relationships


Arguments in Relationships: Why They Aren’t Always a Bad Thing and How to Resolve Them Successfully Some couples may thrive off friction for a while but, like any heightened state (whether one that is volatile or a honeymoon period), it

Recession Spurs Londoners On To Find Love

Find Love During Recession

A great number of professionals up and down the country are encountering troubling times at work right now, with economic volatility, public sector cuts and a resounding air of uncertainty surrounding the country as a whole. It is made all

Career vs Love…

Girl making a heart shape with her hands in London

The team at Bowes-Lyon Partnership frequently meet Londoners whose successful professional lives have meant they have been unable to focus the time and attention required on finding or potentially maintaining a relationship, but those who join have all made space in

London’s Top 10 Most Romantic Restaurants….

Clos Maggiore

The team at Bowes-Lyon Partnership love this top 10 list of London’s most romantic restaurants, compiled by Emyr Thomas of our favourite London concierge, Bon Vivant.  So if you want to add a little more romance on a date then take a look

Texting Trauma…

Mobile phone with a heart on the screen

There’s a lot of room for interpretation when it comes to dating etiquette – who pays for the bill, who calls who first, can a woman approach a man first, even how best to sign off a text message? The

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