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New To London Dating? Have Confidence.

Silhouette of a couple in front of the London Eye

If you’re thinking of stepping out into the London dating scene, there’s one thing we’d recommend: be confident. Have confidence in yourself, who you are, what you’ve accomplished and what you want. To put it bluntly, it’ll be attractive to

Recession Spurs Londoners On To Find Love

Find Love During Recession

A great number of professionals up and down the country are encountering troubling times at work right now, with economic volatility, public sector cuts and a resounding air of uncertainty surrounding the country as a whole. It is made all

Is It Easier To Find Love In The City Or The Country?

Couple lying in the grass

The timely debate as to whether rural life beats city life in the relationship stakes has risen it’s head again! The question on the table is whether or not it is easier to find love in the countryside than in

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