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The All-Important End To That First Date

Picture of a couple kissing by a lake

When it comes to that first date there’s no denying that first impressions count. But how can you ensure you leave a positive lasting impression when the date ends. And if the spark isn’t there, what’s the best way to

What makes a good first impression?

first impressions - date

When you join a dating agency and get a meeting in the diary, it’s natural for the pulse to start racing. As the Bowes-Lyon Partnership knows, feeling that you could be about to meet that special someone is a really

Why Date Night Is Vital to Your Relationship

date night

Why Date Night Is Vital to Your Relationship On my parents’ date nights, I vividly remember my father driving his car out of the garage and around to the front of our house just so he could ring the doorbell

Reasons to Relax on a First Date

relax on your first date

Reasons to Relax on a First Date When a first date is approaching, it can be too easy to become preoccupied with all of the reasons to be nervous, especially when the date is with someone entirely new. Whether it

How to Avoid First Date Faux Pas

Dating Faux Pas

First dates can often feel like a minefield of potential faux pas and blunders that may convince a potential suitor that a second date is not a wise idea. It can be difficult to know which areas are off-limits for

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