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‘Don’t Match Me With A Brexiter!’


‘Don’t match me with a Brexiter’ is something I’ve heard from quite a few of my members in the last couple of weeks. In a world where finding your ideal partner seems to be getting harder and harder, a new

4 Tips For Dealing With A Break-Up… Would Britain Survive Without Europe?

Breaking up is always difficult… but how would Britain cope without Europe by its side? With the EU referendum in hot debate, we thought we could give a little advice as the experts in perfect couplings and our knowledge of

Over 1 Million Flower Bouquets Are Sold For Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is comparable to Christmas in the dating world, and here at Bowes-Lyon Partnership the festivities are in full swing! In honour of this beautiful day we thought we would celebrate by sharing some very interesting facts with this great infographic created by Carvaka.

The Evolution of Dating

The concept of dating is not new, it is just a simple fact that the ways in which it is done have changed over the years. Setting up a date or beginning a relationship can now be done in many

7 Tips For Finding Your Soulmate In 2016

New Year

Bowes-Lyon Partnership is getting ready for its busiest time of year when we welcome a multitude of eligible, single ladies and gentlemen to our membership at the start of the New Year. 2015 was our most successful year in business

Happy 6th Birthday Bowes-Lyon Partnership!

Birthday cake

Today we are celebrating our 6th Birthday at Bowes-Lyon Partnership!! This year we have seen many more marriages and successful relationships, and we are thrilled to have another Bowes-Lyon baby on the way! The company is continuing to grow, with

Life And Financing After Divorce

A man holding his wedding ring between his fingers

At Bowes-Lyon Partnership we have many members who have gone through the divorce process and are concerned about safeguarding their financial future. Solicitor Muna Saleem from Crisp & Co offers our members some great advice and a step-by-step guide of

Dating tips to help your mindset

Dating Tips

Ever wondered what makes for a great date? The Bowes-Lyon Partnership is an elite dating agency that helps connect professional, likeminded individuals. We offer a bespoke, effective membership – our team of experienced matchmakers personally get to know everything about

Prepare for Busy Christmas Season With Bowes-Lyon Partnership

Prepare for Busy Christmas Season With Bowes-Lyon Partnership   Christmas is on the way, and with it comes the inevitable slew of party invites, social events and gatherings for those who are part of London’s elite circle. But if the

Are You Settling For Less Than You Deserve?

Are you Settling for Less that you Deserve…??   There is an underlying unease that women experience at all ages…   During the late teens and early twenties it is often associated with lack of self-esteem. In the late twenties

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